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Advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1997

Welcome to Nia Association a 501(c) non-profit located in the wonderful city of Clarksville, Tennessee. Our organization has been serving the Clarksville and Middle Tennessee area since 1997. Nia Association is an advocate for families and individuals with intellectual, developmental and acquired disabilities. Our organization specializes in supportive services, such: Supported Living Housing, Personal Assistance, Community Based Day, In Home Day; Respite, Transportation, Healthcare Management, Skilled Nursing, and Financial Management. Nia Association is dedicated to creating purposeful environments for all the individuals supported. We are a faith-based ministry with a heart to enhance the lifestyles of those in need of our services. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to the supports we provide. Nia uses social and digital media platforms to strengthen its existing presence through modern technology to enhance interaction and your improve consumer’s experience.

Our 501(c) non-profit organization has been serving the Clarksville and Middle Tennessee area since 1997, we are intentional about our efforts. Our goal is to stretch our reach and coverage across the entire state of Tennessee while improving and impacting communities through quality support services. We are are currently on the move using social and digital media platforms to strengthen our existing presence. Through modern technology our aim is to enhance our interaction and your experience. 




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Our Services

Supported Living Services

Supported living is a service in which the person supported can live in a house or apartment alone or with a housemate but requires services of different levels.  Supported living offers services 24/7 care for each person.  They are assisted to doctor appointments, ADL’s, meal preparation and other like activities and while encouraging independence.  Supported living individuals are also offered the same programs through DIDD.


Personal Assistance In the

Home and Community

Personal Assistant is a service offered for individuals who reside with their own family but require assistance at different times throughout the day. PA services can be offered anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours a day.  This service is offered to assist the individual with being able to go out into the community when the family is unable to do so, showing independence and guidance. 





Family Model Residential Services

FMRS:  Family Model Residential Services is a family based service that entitles the person supported to be incorporated into a family.  The same services that are offered throughout the DIDD programs are also offered to this person supported.  FMRS offers services 24/7 care for each person. They are assisted to doctor appointments, ADL’s, meal preparation and other like activities. 

Nursing Services

Nia’s medical department manages healthcare concerns for all of the people we support. We
also provide skilled nursing services in residential and community settings. Medical and/or
nursing services are provided in accordance with the NPOC, State of TN Department of
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) Individual Support Plans, and the Nurse
Practice Act. Nursing services are provided 12-24 hours based on the needs of the individual.


The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
— Coretta Scott King


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