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Nia Association


Purpose. Experience. Diligence.


Nia is dedicated to helping to increase purposeful living for all individuals who have disabilities that impede their quality of life. 

Our Vision

This rewarding ministry shall continue its commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of the individuals that desire fulfilling experiences to include Community-Based Services, Supported Living Services, Family Model Residential Services, Personal Assistance Services, Nursing and Behavior Services. We are devoted to economic and housing development by creating job opportunities and providing affordable housing.

Our Goal

Nia shall continue to fulfill the mission of providing exceptional person-centered supports and services for individuals with disabilities. We shall meet many needs by providing supportive services to families and individuals who have developmental, intellectual and acquired disabilities, such as: strokes, Traumatic Brain Injury, Dementia. We desire to help meet the needs that are impacting the communities in Middle Tennessee. We believe everyone should have a “Purpose for Living.” We commit to ensuring the individuals we support receive quality of life opportunities as designed by themselves and their families.


In December of 1997, Retired Sergeant Major Daniel Stevens and Retired Federal Manager Carol Stevens decided to make an impact in the lives of families with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Nia Association was formed as a premier organization to provide quality supports and personal care services for those families. Nia Association was founded with vision, compassion, and economic development in mind. With over 50 adults and youth supported to date Nia Association continues to be an advocate for families as well as individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Nia Association family is dedicated to creating purposeful environments for all individuals supported. 

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” - Peter Drucker

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At Nia Association our goal is to ensure you get the services that are right for your family, we value your time, support, and resources. 

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Executive Leadership Team

James Davis.jpg

Executive Board President Dr. James Davis, JR.

Dr. James Davis, Jr. is a retired Army Dentist who chose to step in to the role as Board President in 2017. He is a Memphis, TN native who chose to retire in Clarksville. He is deeply involved and committed as the top executive for Board Governance. He is married to Bettye Joy Davis and they are the proud parents of two adult children.



Founder | CEO

Ms. Carol Stevens

In December 1997, Retired Sergeant Major Daniel Stevens and Retired Federal Manager, Carol Stevens, decided to make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. They created Nia Association, Inc. as a premier organization to provide quality and caring personal care services for people with disabilities. Nia Association was created with a vision of compassion and economic development that has supported over 50 adults and youth. 

Nia Association was created as a Faith-Based non-profit business ministry to meet existent needs in the local Clarksville area. We extended our services to the Middle Tennessee areas just as the Department of Mental Retardation Services was transitioning Individuals from the Clover Bottom Developmental Institute. We have continued accommodating many who seek Supportive Living outside the family home, and Personal Assistance for those who prefer to remain in the family home. Our services have expanded over the past 20 years to include: Supported Housing, Nursing Services, Behavior Supports and Managed Care Organization clients through Medicaid.



Executive Director

Tia Murry, MHR

Tia is from Chickasha, Oklahoma. She has over 18 years’ experience in the field of Social Services and has served 14 years in a leadership capacity with State and Non-Profit organizations. Tia is known for being an inspirational leader, an advocate, and is grounded in financial acumen that levers businesses in meeting their mission.  

Tia’s educational background includes a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and she is a Trust Based Relational Practitioner. Tia also is an Amazon Best Selling Co-Author of 28 Women Boldly Sharing Their Transformational Journey to Creating an Extraordinary Life and the founder of FLI with Tia a travel business. Tia will often say that her biggest accomplishments is being the proud parent to Derrick, Tamia, and Jazmyn.


Facts about Nia Association

●Co-Founded in 1997 by Retiree Sergeant Major Daniel Stevens (Dec) and Department Of Defense Retiree Carol Clardy Stevens. Secured IRS Non-Profit, 501c3 status in March 1998.

● Mission: Provide Quality 24/7 Disability Healthcare, Supported Living, Affordable Housing and Employment opportunities.

● Vision Statement: Perpetuate supports and services for people with developmental, intellectual, acquired and physical disabilities. Governing Executive Board of Directors consists of area business professionals.

● Top Twenty EEO Clarksville Employer. Over 2000 citizens since 1999.

● Support Services include: Community Based; In-Home Day; Personal Assistance; Supported Housing; Licensed Nursing; Family Model Residential; Behavior; Respite; Financial Management; Transportation.

● Supported over 50 adults and children since 1999.

● Recipient of Four-Star Ratings by DIDD.

● TNCARE MCO {Amerigroup, Blue Care} Certified.

****In-Home Supports versus Nursing Home****

● Army Housing Referral Partner - provide military with off-post housing.

● Ft Campbell Exceptional Family Member Program Partner.

● Tennessee and Kentucky University Internship Partner.

● Northwest High School Health Sciences Academy Internship Partner.

● Employee Assistance Program Partner for Work-Life balance.

● American Dream Homeownership Grant recipient via Federal Home Loan Bank. Assisted Buyers with down payment and closing costs. One disability client bought a home.

● Awarded Housing Urban Development (HUD) 811 ADA Multi-Family Housing Grant.

● Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Partner that offers three housing units with 30% rent limits.

● Initiated first “Green Housing” dwelling in Tri-County area by using Energy Star Insulated Foam Structure (IFS) products.


US Bank | Planters Bank | Regions Bank | Chamber of Commerce | Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education

Special Olympics | Better Business Bureau | Veterans Coalition | Center for Nonprofit Management

Nia = Purpose for Living

*Faith-Based Ministry serving Middle Tennessee *Economic and Community Developer

*Empowering the Economy *Enabling those with Disabilities